2nd June 2007

Roadtrip Rambles

Bible verse of the day is Psalm 145:8-9.

Wherein Rob starts out with a shout out to his little sister, and talks about a story of reverse culture shock which we found amusing (and hit home for her, the international traveller) [and today the domain won’t resolve so no link for you, darn, kills me]; shares some thoughts about God and blessings and stuff; shares some thoughts on sharing feedback; piled up feedback from KMarie and replying to one item at least, smoking update; talks about some interesting programming efforts of late, processing “large” amounts of data [100’s of megabytes, wow, ha ha]; exclaims about Sudoku [check out Life Sudoku, a good online version]; a few words about Energy: nickel metal hydride batteries, solar energy, and a crazy-excellent scheme for fixing our power problems; a quick meta-comment, sincere thanks to those who listen [yeah doing this really makes the trip better but of course it doesn’t work without the listeners]; includes some crazy talk about world-wide benevolent dictatorship and how to make it work, kinda, and also my feelings about the biggest topic on the news today, and Anyone but a Bush or a Clinton [registration required, doh!]; and on that cheery note he’s done!

[Some extra noisy noise in this one, sorry, I doubt I left a window down but perhaps had a vent on… oops]
Music is “Bingo in the Country” by Happy Elf published by WM Recordings.

RoadTrip Rambles

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  1. 1 On June 2nd, 2007, Owen said:

    Hey Rob,

    Good stuff! Listened to the whole thing during the evening news (your podcast was much more interesting than the KATU news!).

    Question: I looked for your podcast on iTunes…couldn’t find it. How do I get your Rambles on my iPod? It’d be cool to just subscribe,
    synch and enjoy.

    I think you have it right regarding God’s blessings. Since He loves us all the same – Christians and atheists alike – it would stand to reason
    that he blesses us all the same as well.

    Drive safely!


  2. 2 On June 3rd, 2007, Rob said:

    Hey Owen! Official greetings and thanks for giving it a listen… I knew you would 🙂

    Whoohoo I’m more interesting than the established media! Neal says I should record more often, and can (with some prep and attention) have a popular show. It sounds really fun and something I’d like to do, yet would require some commitment I’m not ready to make yet. Anyway glad you enjoyed!

    iTunes subscription: the key is to get the RSS feed link from the icon in the upper right of every page, then fire up iTunes and use Advanced | Subscribe to get the box where you paste in the URL. Let me know how it goes? I should go ahead and get listed in iTMS even though I’m uncertain how RRR would be received by a stranger.

    Yeah man for the longest time I was hung up on how/why exactly He would/could bless a non-believer. Not really stuck on that one anymore. I should talk about the follow-on thoughts. Stay tuned ha ha.

    Thanks again Owen and welcome!

  3. 3 On June 27th, 2007, K Marie said:

    I LOVED this episode, but I have to say I love every episode. You are so cool my brother Rob. I can’t tell you what a buzz it is for me to drive these country roads of New Zealand, I feel like I am a world away (which I am) and I turn on my RRR and there you are – like you are sitting in the seat next to me (to the left of me in this country) just chatting away. Thank you for the effort it takes you to do this, I feel spoiled to have it.

    So my comments to this ep – it was a goodie.

    The topic of blessings…I was suprised to find myelf remembering a time when this issue perplexed me, but this time I was feeling unperplexed. Like its all just above us. And that we just don’t get it. Like my kids trying to grasp concepts I might be explaining to them that are beyond their world. There was a time when that notion pissed me off, that God would create a world where we couldn’t get it, but have minds that try to get it, but we can’t. But I am so glad to say I am coming to terms with it somehow and I’m not so mad about it now. Anyway, I have no words of wisdom to add to yours on that one, just to say I don’t know. And that’s ok.

    I am very impressed that you pushed to get the source code saved at your company, it made me laugh that a corporation as big as yours would have the good fortune to have a grunt like you push to save such a significant asset – what a joke. (sorry that sounds critical of you – meant to be a compliment – I am sure you are higher than a grunt but you get my drift) It would be like the monkey on Raiders of the Lost Ark pointing out some jewel that they big guys and Indiana just forgot about. OK not that dramatic. But still, what a joke. So good on ya for being a good IT citizen and smart and capable and having a clue. And good on your boss for supporting it. Working at Boeing all those years, seeing all these ancient applications where they would have paid a mint to get into the head of the guy who wrote that old stuff, or maybe just some documentation, or something. And how cool you wrote scripts to do it automajically. Its brilliant guys like you that I used to worship when I sold IT solutions – seriously – I would go around, visit their desks, stroke their egos, buy dumb prezzies, take them out to lunch occasionally, try to make them feel appreciated. Have you got a token salesperson paying you homage? If not, you should.

    And speaking of ancient applications – wow – dusting off the Perl skills! See, the world really needs more guys like you that really know their stink. No I really mean it. Its not a dig. Just admiring you.

    Sudoku – not into it – didn’t know Mom was – very cool. Made me think of that game you played in Japan with those old farts at Mitsubishi – was that Go? Is this like that at all? I figure not, just made me think of it.

    Solar – I feel guilty. We have a solar water system here at our new house in NZ (the house isn’t new – 15 years old – built by a couple of granolas). So they have this hot water system that is powered by part solar, part wood burning stove, and part electricity. We can’t be bothered building fires and are spoiled by USA central heating so spent a pretty penny getting a heating system put in right away. So no fire = not enough hot water. So we are getting the solar thingy cut off and putting in a new gas based infinity hot water system – NEVER runs out. I am so lame I know.

    Same with batteries – in the US I used to put the used ones in a bucket and one time I actually took them into Home Depot. Here I don’t think they do that. I have to find out, if they do, where to take them. In the meantime I put them in the rubbish. Again, I am so lame. But I would really like if you would tell me what happens if/when I put the old batteries into the rubbish. What happens? Does some evil liquid seep into the rest of the rubbish into the landfill, that seeps into the soil and contaminates our childrens’ future? I would guess so, just a bit of detail might help incent me to do the right thing. Thanks.

    You cracked me up talking about a benevolent dictator. I agree with you, we wouldn’t want Dr Bart in office for too long – ha ha to you Bart. No 2nd term, no family dynasties. Cracked me up. You know, I was in the US for the last election but was in NZ I think for the one before that. And here I am now for this one. Lucky I guess, you all would say, but to be honest, I don’t get the complaints that you and fellow Americans make about how annoying the elections are – I think its something that must build up in your system year after year, and you just have enough. The year I was home I found it interesting, as it was the first time as an adult I experienced it.

    Speaking of US affairs that are in the media, this Paris Hilton thing is so ridiculous, and what gets me is how everyone comments on how ridiculous it is, but they still cover it. Makes them all look like idiots themselves. Like they are eating turds, saying how bad it tastes, and then they just keep eating it and complaining. Its everyone – the Kiwis are doing it too – global idiocy. OK enough of my unsolicited soap box.

    Keep it coming, Cheers

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