10th February 2007

Hard Times Roadtrip

Bible verse of the day is Psalm 118:22.

Wherein Rob tells some stories of hard times, cautionary tales and experiences… and even records a bonus feature along these lines which happened while the show was in progress! First, a bit of the show he mentioned last time, Secret History of the Credit Card, a discussion of minimum monthly payment disclosure and a few words from Andrew Kahr; a discussion of a (very) recent traffic citation; tells the story of the last time he spoke to the judge about a citation; events of the day (to which I was indeed late, and while I was telling what was happening… yet another incident!); the impact of changing the timing of Daylight Saving Time; and wrap it up.

For variety I skipped the usual music but instead used Supasonic from Stargarden‘s Music for Modern Listening as a soundbed.

Hard Times

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  1. 1 On February 11th, 2007, Neal said:

    Best episode ever! Superb production quality and really good content. The soundbed was fine, not sure it added but it didn’t take away.

    If you released an episode like this every week, you would have one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

    Very sorry to hear about the ticket. My court case was settled on the day of the trial, I pleaded “no contest” to driving without headlights even though I was wearing sunglasses, before civil twilight, with 10 miles of visibility at the time of the ticket.

    Our legal system is badly broken. The civil suit settlement should be much happier news!

  2. 2 On February 12th, 2007, PO8 said:

    (Sorry to always sound so critical.) There was some good content, but I had to stop halfway through. I just found the soundbed really tiring to listen to.

    I really just want to hear you talk. I’m not sure what the soundbed wants to be there for, but I just find it a huge distraction. Is there some popular talk station on radio or the web where the conversation is over the top of continuous music?

  3. 3 On February 12th, 2007, Rob said:

    PO8, good to know, prior to this I’d heard Neal express the opinion he gives again here, and another listener (Josh) say he likes the soundbed thing… but never “I hated it so much I stopped listening”. For your enjoyment here is a version with no soundbed.

    Neal, thanks for the kind words! I’ll send you some email but for sure, best wishes for happier news!

  4. 4 On February 12th, 2007, Leisa said:

    The sound bed is pretty repetitive. I think I’m with DB on this.

    Sorry to hear you got another citation. Glad you have another podcast out.

  5. 5 On February 17th, 2007, Alina said:

    Great Podcast. I really enjoyed this one enough to listen to it at Neal’s and then again when I got home.

    My opinion on the credit card company is that I would think almost anyone responsible enough to pay their bills, understands the way minimum payment works. Even if they don’t understand it from the beginning, how many bills does one have to just pay the minimum payment before they see the results on their monthly statements? I would also think that it is common knowledge that paying the minimum amount is not financially savvy. Even my bank hands out pamphlets about making smart credit card decisions. I think the problem is mostly that many people in our culture spend beyond their means..and so paying the minimum payment is all that can be done for a while. I have definitely been in that boat before. Having a credit card is a privilege, and one that we do not have to take advantage of if we don’t want to. I do, however, agree with you, that their excuses for not spelling it all out on the statement was very poor and misguided. He should have just said, “Hey, we are here to make money…and we make money on the interest”

    So sorry about the ticket and your dealings with the judge. Also sorry about your rockchipped windshield. Having a rough day for sure.

    Thanks for the podcast. And as a side note, the background music didn’t bother me at all, in fact, I mostly forgot it was even there (I guess ignoring sounds is the advantage of living in the ghetto).

  6. 6 On February 20th, 2007, Rob said:

    Hey Alina, so glad you enjoyed! I totally agree, a statement about the meager progress made with minimum payments isn’t likely to help anyone, and you state the reason very succinctly. But yeah it was too funny to hear the CC company excuses.

  7. 7 On March 8th, 2007, refalo.com » Strangest Soundbed Ever said:

    […] I’m not a fan of sound beds. I did a couple of early episodes of my podcast with music behind the intro but gave that up.  Rob of Rob’s Roadtrip Radio caught some grief with his sound bed efforts. […]

  8. 8 On May 11th, 2007, K Marie said:

    I was cracking up at your story about going before the judge. I never did understand why they would reduce a sentence just for showing up, although they always do (or should I say usually to you, or used to anyway). It doesn’t make sense that they would reward people for just wasting their time. Maybe they are changing that and finally having to become sane. When I was in college I would park where I knew I was going to get a ticket, but not worry about it becuase I always went in and just said sorry and the judge would reduce or just wipe it. I totally worked it.

    All Hands Meeting with the Big Cheese… ahhh…sure is nice being a stay at home mom (squze me while I wipe peanut butter off the keyboard)…I sure don’t miss those kinds of bogety bogety meetings and events. Corporate world – can sure be a major drag sometimes. Most of the time. Thanks for that little reminder of how happy I am now to not be in it. And hang in there – they probably will change the commute thing back. That does suck bad by the way – I wonder if it would do you any good to send in some data on productivity for telecommuters – I am sure you could find all kinds of it out there.

    Daylight savings – isn’t it funny all the things we take for granted? I didn’t realize that we changed the day, but when you first said it I thought – wow that was smart of someone if it gives more time in the day – not even thinking about all the poor grunts like you that have to run around like crazy and make it work. The devil surely is in the details, eh?

    Thanks for podcasting, bro.

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