27th October 2013

Pontification on Truths, Falsehoods, and Tinfoil Hats

Wherein Rob subjects new friends to the show by way of an interesting discussion with ArmyManJ, MasterS and TheBigG, which starts with conspiracy theories, which start with deficits and ends with living inside chain link fence, and fascism, and includes a mention of the classic Red Dawn [and whoa, they did a remake, must see!!],  and the tendency for history to repeat itself, and destroying stuff, and gun registration, and a really bad idea to get around it, and the requirement to train, and the apparently false notion that hammers are used more than pistols to kill people, and government intervention and control, and a near accurate Thomas Jefferson quote, and brainwashing training the next generation, and the notion that we can’t imagine how bad the trouble that we are in really is, and an allusion to The Front Men, and desensitization, and the thin blue line including the notion that power needs to sit in a tightly confined, not-corrupted space, and the likelihood of a military coup in the USA, and a sheriff who stated he would refuse to enforce new gun control laws and shifting baselines, and how to boil a frog, and the recent government shutdown and what Bill Whittle said about it, and the apparently false rumor that the oceans were closed, (which based on truth and reality shows, ha, and isn’t entirely inaccurate), and resourcefulness and community (love this part), and prepping and preppers.

[A new record for hyperlinks in the show notes!]

[Later a great point was made, the first step in preparing for the worst is getting your head around the fact that a bad thing could happen, and being prepared mentally to begin dealing with it. Would you be one of the ones that wastes time coming to terms with a disaster, or the far fewer that can quickly cope with the impact and start moving?]

Also that same day, we talked about 3D printers and guns. Click, Print, Gun looks a good view.

Pontification on Truths, Falsehoods, and Tinfoil Hats

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