18th November 2015

Multi Day Extraveganza!

Wherein Rob fires up his new phone and returns to the airwaves once again, and confesses to be winging it with little prep, then explains what he means when he says “downtown office” and why a coffee shop office is nice to have, and plugs City Coffee and their great refill policy, and mentions going to the Oregon flagship Apple store and needing to work a little harder to learn the power of the 6S+, and then moves into funding his eTrade account and talking about Wall Street and the Motley Fool 4Q picks Amazon, Nike and Target and why he’s gonna place his wager, and then finally speaks to YOU, and Vitamin I, and learning to be a bike builder and doing it wrong, and swearing all over the place, and starts trying to wrap up the ep way too early, and then plugs the brilliant Overcast, and wanting to make a secret feed and why it is needed, and explains what made me hit record and being so very happy with the integration between his iPhone and his stereo and the amazing functionality of the buttons on the steering wheel and the Overcast skippy buttons, and recommends you buy the stuff I am using because it’s too too nice, and makes a second mention of quitting recording, and begs for feedback, and that quote from Theodore Roosevelt, “comparison is the thief of joy” and then bootlegs a nice track, and asks you a good question but doesn’t answer it himself(?), and identifies one thing he has (perhaps) always done wrong with this amateur effort, and a desire to have an even more professional startup, and relates What I Would Rather Be Doing Today (playing Eve Online) and also wanting to make a ringtone which I used to be able to do easily enough and now not so much, and wishing I could be going to the dog park, and starting a new thing, and needing a playlist and a roll call (rogues gallery?), and welcomes Dee Bee to the show, and gets excited about the best idea at hand for a project, and making money from it, and a duh-obvious thing about it, and a clear definition of when you know your multi-day extravaganza is too long, and tries not to end on a low note as he speaks about vocations and jobs, so instead concludes with maxim versus rule (and gets Element 93’s name wrong, sorry) and then starts a contest asking, “what’s the first maxim of economics?” for which a prize will be awarded to a randomly drawn winner, and calls it good (great!).

Multi Day Extraveganza

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