19th September 2012

Arr Matey He Is Back

Bible verse of the day is Acts 16:3

Wherein Rob’s late to work again, but amuses himself instead of stressing out about giving evaluations and a delicate subject, and discusses the first day of school, and the importance of Labor Day (not New Year’s Day), along with loyal subscriber appreciation, followed by some discussion of “fair and balanced” or the lack thereof, and the importance (or possible unimportance) of presidential elections, and meatspace, and thoughts about public radio, and music, including a great track I heard recently (Laughing With by Regina Spektor) and mentions Shazam and iTunes (which together really make it too easy don’t they?) and then goes into a weird time-warp discussion about what I just did but hadn’t finished, LOL I recorded this over the course of the day and even captured a phone call to share, but then had to wait to mix it down (you’re soaking in show notes I developed while doing some of that nearly two weeks later), and explains why the music samples today includes sonic graffiti, and almost forgets to tell you Pauline’s stereo is busted grr, and wraps with Only Us by Peter Gabriel.

Arr Matey He Is Back

[It is Talk Like A Pirate Day so thus the title… oh and I’m not long out of bed so not creative, just getting this done finally so I can start on the next ep whoot!]

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