24th August 2007

Fixin’ to be Early

Bible verse of the day is Psalm 139:13-16.

Wherein Rob starts early and begins recording while waiting for summer day camp to open so he can drop off “Fireboy” [and too bad I didn’t bring the other microphone, you can barely hear the lad] and then commences to rambles on his way to the freeway; some meta-talk about podcasting and such; shares experience (and an audio clip) from the first album purchase he’s made in a long time, and the first from iTMS; PodioBooks hooking me up with Eastern Standard Tribe; an interesting point Mr. Doctrow shared with me on DRM, and misc thoughts on the end of this bad idea, and bad grooves in my brain (heh); feedback (yay!) [and darn it, I knew I was making a mistake last time to speed it up], thanks RevGum, thanks KMarie [oops and some meta talk about production]; some clips from Psych, including a new catch phrase you can work into conversation; raining in August, who would have thought?; and I’m out [end of this ep, which is about an experiment and not an experience, doh] and a final thought or two about RSS [get Juice!]; [and I got to training class 5 minutes early, good plan came together].

Music is “Bingo in the Country” by Happy Elf published by WM Recordings.

Fixin’ to be Early

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