21st July 2007

Fixin’ to be Late

Bible verse of the day is Psalm 71:7-8.

Telecommuting update (and hear me not blab about it after all; not very compelling content and so that part went to the bit bucket); comments bonanza, some “firsts”, and going full circle on the feedback; some more talk about blessings, and about “getting it”; saving corporate assets and being appreciated; hacking, and Sudoku and Go and some fun from years ago; taking a pass on solar and renewable energy; why recycling batteries is important (I wish I would have taken the time to prepare and click here, it’s not really all that funny, or hard to understand); elections and election coverage and complaining about it; now she’s done it to my show too! ha ha (and I did find the Daily Show clip, plus a bonus featuring Jay Leno on same subject); and finally, about 12 minutes of tales of Sudoku (shout out to BrainBashers.com Sudoku and their excellent Sudoku solving techniques and the fun I’ve been having [but very nearly left out of the show because I wonder if it’s interesting to anybody]; and that’s a wrap!

Music is “Bingo in the Country” by Happy Elf published by WM Recordings.

[I recorded this about 10 days ago but didn’t take the time to produce it until today! Youch! Good to get caught up… I can’t blame the driving as I didn’t do any this week. Too much Sudoku.]

Fixin’ to be Late

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