2nd June 2007

Roadtrip Rambles

Bible verse of the day is Psalm 145:8-9.

Wherein Rob starts out with a shout out to his little sister, and talks about a story of reverse culture shock which we found amusing (and hit home for her, the international traveller) [and today the domain won’t resolve so no link for you, darn, kills me]; shares some thoughts about God and blessings and stuff; shares some thoughts on sharing feedback; piled up feedback from KMarie and replying to one item at least, smoking update; talks about some interesting programming efforts of late, processing “large” amounts of data [100’s of megabytes, wow, ha ha]; exclaims about Sudoku [check out Life Sudoku, a good online version]; a few words about Energy: nickel metal hydride batteries, solar energy, and a crazy-excellent scheme for fixing our power problems; a quick meta-comment, sincere thanks to those who listen [yeah doing this really makes the trip better but of course it doesn’t work without the listeners]; includes some crazy talk about world-wide benevolent dictatorship and how to make it work, kinda, and also my feelings about the biggest topic on the news today, and Anyone but a Bush or a Clinton [registration required, doh!]; and on that cheery note he’s done!

[Some extra noisy noise in this one, sorry, I doubt I left a window down but perhaps had a vent on… oops]
Music is “Bingo in the Country” by Happy Elf published by WM Recordings.

RoadTrip Rambles

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