5th January 2007

Comment Spam Filtering update

I haven’t looked at my access logs but my audience has seemed to have fallen away as I did not publish an episode for a few weeks. Either that or there’s a bug in the Askimet comment spam filter (and I highly doubt that). Oh and I suppose I might have broken the features when I installed the new template but again, that’s not likely.

Mostly wanted to post here to say I’ve got protection against the onerous part of having comments, stupid spammers trying to hock their wares. Askimet is doing a great job so far… today I had to hand-delete the first entry since I installed it, and it caught 24 without my doing anything at all. I wish my email spam filters were as good!

Not driving this week so no show again… though I do have an idea for a mini-ep I might goof with this weekend. Or something.


1st January 2007

Back in the Saddle

[Happy 2007 everybody! A new theme and a new show for a new year, yay]

The bible verse of the day is Psalms 118:24.

Wherein Rob returns to the airwaves with (seemingly) obligatory comments about not recording for awhile, and how awkward it feels to be publishing this show again; a few comments about Frontline, their show Secret History of the Credit Card, and of the Eight Things a Credit Card User Should Know, a few words about Universal Default; follow-up on my recent surgery; how I learned about my new car’s Electronic Stabilization Program (or is it Electromechanical Power Steering) feature (and the importance of reading the manual that comes with the car); a few words about the hot Christmas present that I didn’t get for myself (yet).

Music is “Bingo in the Country” by Happy Elf published by WM Recordings.

Back in the Saddle

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