8th December 2006

No show this week, instead you get a blog entry…

I didn’t have much to say that wasn’t about podcast production… so I didn’t record on Wed or Thurs, so no editing task on Friday nor show for you this week. I might have one soon, meanwhile:

I wonder if anyone uses WinAmp? Kyle sends this clue about one way to do segmentation, and I think WinAmp is available on all platforms. Interesting?


1st December 2006

Way Off the Beaten Track…

Numbers 6:24-26 is my bible verse of the day.

Upgraded my recording studio! A lovely 2003 Volkswagon Passat [and yes I’ll keep tuning on the mic levels]; going to OryCon; what happened to the last edition; my experiences with podcast production thus far; why there was no intro music on this ep (darn, can’t find the link to the interesting conversation about it, oh well let’s start our own, anyone?); KMarie and Trev left the country; what’s _really_ been going on with me; smoking update, and how I’m not ready to quit even though I don’t smoke in my new car; addictions, and Requiem for a Dream and Motherlode (which plays fullscreen here) and [sure, let’s talk about addictions, I’m not happy about mine so I hope that’s clear]; Dr. Bart cracking me up about cassette tapes; song of the podcast, Nitro Dub by Stargarden from their Ambient Excursions and courtesy Magnatune; thanks to Artdog for helping me retrieve my car, and why I like the ambient downbeat; and the end.

There are 13 segments in this very special episode… and to further expand the experiment [and let me tell you, the back-assward way I did this cost me a lot of time and significantly delayed the publication] I’m publishing each segment as a separate file. We’ll see how satisfactory it is. I won’t put this in the enclosure feed as I don’t think there’s any automation yet anywhere to handle this. Let me know BART what you think 🙂

[Next time, I’m committed to clearing the publishing queue a lot faster… this has sat for 10 days, grr, sorry]

Off the Beaten Track

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